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THE FORGOTTEN EXPEDITION By Leon R. Powers (June 2010)


The Forgotten Expedition is an expose’ on the most fascinating scientific trek you’ve never heard of. Strangely, this last and most productive of the pioneer biological expeditions into Idaho and Oregon went virtually unnoticed. It has never been scientifically chronicled and only dimly reported. Idaho’s history pundits don’t remember this expedition and the scientific world has yet to learn of its biological bounty. But all that is now changed by this book.

DEAD OWLS FLYING By Leon R. Powers (2008)

Dead Owls Flying

Dead Owls Flying is part memoir, part wildlife adventure and part expose’ of a dark secret. At the heart of this story is Powers’ two-decade study of North America’s largest and possibly rarest owl, the great gray. A celebrity recluse, this huge bird long ago earned such monikers as Gray Ghost of the Woods, and Phantom of the Northern Forests. The embodiment of elusiveness, its rarity only adds to this owl’s mystique – prompting its lofty status among bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts as one of the most sought after birds in North America.

A HAWK IN THE SUN By Leon R. Powers (June 2003)

A Hawk in the Sun
chronicles Leon’s personal adventures during his three years of unveiling the life story of this very shy desert raptor. This book engagingly ushers the reader up-close into the private life of this majestic hawk to witness its daily struggle for survival. Page by page, A Hawk in the Sun unveils the intriguing life story of the Ferruginous Hawk while at the same time entertaining the reader with wildlife adventures that challenge both the hawk and the researcher. This hawk’s running battles with attacking coyotes, and the nocturnal stealth bomber, the Great Horned Owl, as well as surviving the searing desert sun are just a few of its attending dangers.