The Forgotten Expedition Book

The Forgotten Expedition

An expose’ on the most fascinating scientific trek you’ve never heard of. Strangely, this last and most productive of the pioneer biological expeditions into Idaho and Oregon went virtually unnoticed. It has never been scientifically chronicled and only dimly reported. Idaho’s history pundits don’t remember this expedition and the scientific world has yet to learn of its biological bounty. But all that is now changed by this book.

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Doc Hawk nature writer for Boys’ Life magazine

Long-time college professor, wildlife biologist and native son of Idaho, Leon Powers’ writing showcases the wonderment of nature and the outdoor adventures so readily found here in the West. Whether it be hawk trapping, bird banding, bat studies, rare snakes, butterfly netting, or prowling for owls, this passionate naturalist takes you with him into amazing wildlife encounters.

A teacher at heart, recognized for his communication skills, Leon writes to inform, entertain and inspire. Though he continues to teach his biennial Birds of Prey Class, now in its 28th year, his semi-retirement grants him ample time to devote to his new found love of writing nonfiction books and magazine articles.

Come …join Leon Powers on his many look-abouts for wildlife adventure!